The Activity of Listening       

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Titles by Franklin H. Ernst, Jr., M.D.

"4th Millennium of the Alphabet of Behavior and the Transactional Analysis Diagrams"

"A Sea of Unknown Faces In Public Schools"

"Andrea's Named Hellos"

"Can We Say the Hellos Now?"

"Coercive Feelings / Psychological Rackets in the OK Corral"

"Genesis of Games People Play"

"Getting Well With Transactional Analysis / Get-On-With, Getting Well, and Get (to be) Winners"

"Handbook of Listening / Transactional Analysis of the Listening Activities"

"Leaving Your Mark"

"OK Corral: Grid for What's Happening / Eric Berne Memorial Scientific Award Acceptance Speech / Boston, August 14, 1981"

"Organized Pandemonium"

"Outline of the Activity of Listening"

"Psychiatric Treatment of the California Felon Using Transactional Analysis"

"Self-Rekidding"  -  Text

"The Game Diagram"

"The I'm OK - You're OK Classroom"

"Third Circle - The Diagrammed Parent / Eric Berne's Most Significant Contribution"

"Transactional Analysis of Prison Psychotherapy Groups"

"Who's Listening? Transactional Analysis of Listening"

"OK Corral" - Diagram

"Personality Functions" - Diagram

"Personality Operations" - Diagram

"Personality Structure" - Diagram

"Self Rekidding"  -  Diagram

Social "Termites"  -  Diagram

"The Encounterer" - Newsletter